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Good news for experts and valuers

An interesting case has just been reported.  Ian W Spencer v S Franses Limited [2011] EWHC 1269 (QB)  provides a fascinating story, court room drama and some new law which will be welcomed by art and antiques experts and valuers.  You can read the reported judgment at http://bit.ly/lv9W6C
It concerned some valuable embroideries found by Ian Spencer, the claimant, in a house clearance, and valued by the well-known expert valuer and dealer, Simon Franses, whose company was the defendant.  What had previously been considered to be Victorian stage props turned out to be medieval and “national treasures”. 

In her reported judgment, Mrs Justice Thirlwall paints a colourful picture of the two protagonists, having watched them give evidence.  Mr Spencer was “highly plausible, determined to make a good impression and confident of his ability to do so.  He was often straightforward and engaging.  On occasions he was vague and evasive and sometimes did not tell the truth … He was cooperative and polite when he approved of the questions and overbearing to the point of rudeness when he did not.

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