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Randall L. Sidlosca interviewed on death of Hugo Chavez and its impact on South Florida

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Randall L. Sidlosca

Randall Sidlosca

Arnstein & Lehr Miami Partner Randall L. Sidlosca was interviewed by El Sentinel, The South Florida Sun Sentinel’s Spanish edition, for an article on how Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ death may impact South Florida’s economy.  The article, was entitled “The economy of South Florida dependent on the political development of Venezuela.”

Mr. Sidlosca noted in his comments his concerns that if the country’s vice president is not elected in the next election, it could completely change the investment scheme of Venezuelans in South Florida.  Mr. Sidlosca’s belief is that there is consensus that if Chavez’ policies are maintained, Venezuelan investments should continue to flow into Florida.

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