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Considerations for Financial Services Employers as #MeToo Reaches Wall Street

As has been reported by the New York Times, NBC, and other outlets, asset-management firm TCW is defending a lawsuit filed by a former fund manager, Sara Tirschwell, charging the firm with gender discrimination and retaliation, among other allegations. Ms. Tirschwell’s lawsuit has received media attention not only because of the substantial damages that she demands (in excess of $30 million), but also—and perhaps, principally—because the suit has been characterized as Wall Street’s first public brush with the #MeToo movement.

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Male bosses avoid being alone with women at work

The issue of sexual harassment in the workplace is very much in the news, following recent revelations about the mistreatment of women (in particular) in Hollywood, and now in the world of politics.

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En værdig opsigelse

Opsigelser kommer sjældent belejligt, men alle virksomheder vil før eller siden være nødsaget til at opsige en eller flere medarbejdere. Det er en stor psykisk belastning for den opsagte medarbejder, for lederen, som er nødsaget til at sige dygtige og trofaste medarbejdere op, og for de tilbageværende medarbejdere. Det er derfor vigtigt at finde redskaber til at foretage opsigelserne bedst muligt, både fra et HR-mæssigt og et juridisk synspunkt.

Af Søren Ole Nielsen

Der er flere grunde til, at en opsigelse skal forløbe bedst mulig – bl.a. virksomhedens sociale ansvar over for trofaste medarbejdere, at man i mindst mulig grad forstyrrer harmonien blandt de tilbageværende medarbejdere, og at man skal opretholde sit image og en drift med færre hænder.

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HR Director Wins Sexual Harassment Tribunal Case

An employment tribunal has awarded over £800,000 in compensation to a woman who claimed she was sexually harassed by a colleague while employed by an NHS Trust in England, reports the BBC.

Helen Marks worked as HR director for Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and was good friends with the chairman of the Trust. However, he wanted a more intimate relationship and when she rejected his advances he reportedly convinced the Trust’s chief executive to suspend Mrs Marks over allegations that she had bullied staff.

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