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When to Engage Transaction Counsel for a Hospital or Health System Merger or Affiliation

Not long ago, I had my appendix out.  Not wanting to spend more than necessary, I did a little reading on the subject and decided to do some of the pre-op work myself.  In addition to making certain the incision area was appropriately clean, I entered the hospital with my own set of scalpels and my own special concoction of over the counter pain killers to self-anesthetize.  Once in the hospital, I decided I might as well start the procedure and so I . . . .

Of course, I’m making this up.

But there is a point here.  While I would never consider beginning even minor surgery on myself, many hospitals and health systems go through the early stages of negotiating and developing a merger, significant joint venture or affiliation transaction without the help of transaction counsel in order to save some costs.

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