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Jesse R. Dill writes article for BizTimes.com on holiday party liabilities

Arnstein & Lehr Attorney Jesse R. Dill

Jesse Dill

Arnstein & Lehr Milwaukee Associate Jesse R. Dill authored an article titled “Employers can avoid holiday party liabilities,” which appeared on November 20 on BizTimes.com. The article is cleverly written as a poem, with rhyming verses, and covers multiple topics that employers should be aware of as they plan their holiday party. Mr. Dill discusses how a holiday party should be organized to avoid liability issues that may stem from employee alcohol consumption, social media postings, sexual harassment and discrimination issues, and employees with disabilities. Mr. Dill also advises that no business should take place during the party, attendance should be optional, and the party ought to be held off the premises to avoid claims for overtime pay.

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Employers can avoid holiday party liabilities ~ as a ’tis the season rhyme

Twas the employer’s holiday party, getting all away from the house
Employees were stirring, excited to be out
The company took many precautions with care
To avoid claims of liability after the celebratory affair

Tables were lined with food and employees were well fed
So none of the eggnog would go too far to their head
Exempt managers were assigned to put on the cap
Of anyone who took too many trips to the tap

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