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5 Ways to Make Your Holiday Cards Stand Out

The first day of Hanukkah is upon us, so if you haven’t gotten your holiday cards out yet (like me), you’re too late. I’m just kidding.

But in all seriousness, while some firms and lawyers are still using paper cards, others have gone the electronic route, and still others (like the ILN, actually) have opted out of holiday cards entirely, you may be wondering what the point is, and how to stand out.

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The Battle of the Holiday Cards

They may seem newfangled to some attorneys, but holiday e-cards have been around for a few years now, long enough for Above the Law to be hosting their 5th Annual Holiday Card Contest (finalists in the attached link). My preference is still for a nice paper card in my hot little hand (as one of my school teachers used to say), but as a marketer, I can’t help but get excited for any card that does a smart job of promoting the firm by offering holiday wishes in a fun and snazzy way.

So. as I was viewing ATL’s top cards for 2013, I started thinking about all of the e-cards that I’d received this year from ILN members, and one stands out to me – not simply as the best of the ILN cards I received, but as one of the best law firm e-cards I’ve seen this year. 

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