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Andrej Rudanov on the legal environment and possibilities of investing into health care

Andrej Rudanov, senior associate of law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE, together with VšĮ MTVC (Training, Research and Development Centre) participated in the public presentation of the analysis on private fund raising for Lithuanian inpatient health care institutions, which was given on 22 March 2012. During the event A. Rudanov introduced the current legal regulation, proposals for its improvement and changes with the aim to implement the models discussed in the analysis, answered the participants’ questions. During the performance of the analysis, A. Rudanov was in charge of the legal part of the analysis.

During the public presentation, the participants actively discussed the legal environment of possible investments and its changes, the current national policy on this issue, setting of quality criteria for health care services, pricing of health care services and principles of its formation.

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