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International Lawyers Network Elects New Chair

The International Lawyers Network, a global network of more than 5,000 lawyers, announced today that Pavla Kopeckova Prikrylova of PETERKA & PARTNERS in the Czech Republic, has been elected Chair of the ILN.

Kopeckova Prikrylova assumes the role from Simon Ekins, partner with Fladgate LLP, following an election by the Board of Directors in March. Ekins has served as ILN Chair since June of 2017, stepping down after three years of service.

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ILN Today Post

Update for directors – health and safety issues

There are four new Bills before the New Zealand Parliament which will be passed in the next 24 months.  All of them have the effect of increasing exposure of directors to legal risk. The Health and Safety Employment Regime (HSE), with a likely commencement date in 2015, has particular importance for organisations which have a number of hazards and risks in the work place.

The HSE Bill will, when passed into law, establish a duty on directors to ensure that those with management responsibility for workplace safety are discharging their duties appropriately. A set of Good Governance Guidelines, prepared by the Ministry of Business Innovation and Enterprise and the Institute of Directors, will assist in helping judge what is appropriate. These require that the Directors: More…

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Executive Compensation and Governance Alert: July 1 is Indepdence Day for compensation committees assessing advisers

Under New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ Stock Exchange rules that were approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in January of this year, companies listed on those exchanges must comply by July 1, 2013 with new independence requirements for compensation committee advisers. Specifically, by July 1, 2013, compensation committees must:

  • Have authority to retain compensation consultants, legal counsel and other compensation advisers,
  • Have authority to pay reasonable compensation to such advisers with funds provided by the company, and
  • Have the responsibility to consider independence factors before selecting such advisers.
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