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Prospects For Development Of EB-5 Regional Centre To Sponsor Foreign Investment In The US Immigration Program

The EB-5 Program for lawful permanent residence is currently administered by US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The Program has concurrent goals of immigration to the US through qualified investment into a commercial enterprise, and job creation for US, citizens or lawful residents. Investors receive conditional residency after taking the risk in a qualified investment of their own creation, or as part of a partnership or limited liability company in a regional centre. After two years of receiving such status, the investor may apply for a removal of conditional status at which time it must be shown that 10 qualifying full-time job positions per investor have been created, some direct, some indirect.

The required investment level is $1m unless the investment is made into a business located in a targeted employment area (unemployment rate that is 150 percent or more of national coverage), or a rural region (less than 20,000 population) or a troubled business enterprise (at least 20 percent decline in value over past 12 to 24 months), at which time a reduced investment of $500,000 is required.

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