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Limitations on Motions to Dismiss in FINRA Arbitration

There are advantages to financial institutions in resolving disputes with investors through arbitration under the auspices of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rather than in court. These include streamlined procedures, reduced discovery costs, faster decisions, and finality. There are, however, important procedural issues to consider when approaching FINRA arbitrations, one of which is the near-total absence of a defendant’s ability to move for dismissal of claims before trial.

FINRA’s arbitration rules state that motions to dismiss prior to trial are discouraged. Although this mindset exists at many arbitration bodies, FINRA has codified this policy and, indeed, has taken it a step further.

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Something to Consider When Deciding Whether to Compel FINRA Arbitration

By:  Dena L. Narbaitz

Here is the scenario:  your company, a FINRA Member Firm, terminates a broker for “violation of company policies” and reports this as the reason for termination on the broker’s Form U-5 (Uniform Termination Notice for Securities Industry Registration).  The broker then sues your company in state court asserting several claims, including defamation for the language contained on his Form U-5.  Your company thinks there is a good legal basis to have the broker’s claims dismissed as a matter of law before the case is tried.  Should your company litigate the case in the former employee’s chosen forum (state court) or file a motion to compel FINRA arbitration?

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