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Rethinking Delaware’s Tax Structure

State taxation has become increasingly harsh. Developments beyond the reach of governors and legislators have made the ideal of progressive taxation more elusive.

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Six traps for foreign investors

The Internal Revenue Code contains numerous traps for the unwary foreign investor in U.S. real estate or businesses. The tax law provisions applicable to nonresident foreign investors are very often quite different — and more onerous — than the familiar tax rules applicable to U.S. citizens and foreign residents in the United States. This article identifies a few of the most common areas where nonresident foreign investors may need specialized tax advice to avoid costly mistakes. 

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Leaving a legacy: Supporting the future of your family

In the midst of planning for estate tax reduction, control of property, and related income tax issues, planning for “peace of mind” and family harmony often receives less attention. Addressing these issues in concert with the tax and control issues increases the likelihood of success of the estate plan. Topics will include:


  • Passing your values and valuables to family and charity
  • Uncomfortable conversations
  • Resolving issues to ensure harmony
  • Should you have a family meeting?
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Estate Planning Alert: Attention executors and beneficiaries: more time….

Estate tax return deadlines deferred

After months of uncertainty as to Estate Tax filings for decedent’s who died before December 17, 2010, the day the President signed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (TRUIRJCA-covered in prior alerts and referred to “the Act”), the IRS announced on September 13, 2011 that the normal six month extension of time to file Form 706-US Estate Tax Return will be available with an extension of time to pay the estate tax that would be due. The due date for the Form 706 for those decedents had been set by the Act as September 19, 2011, nine months after enactment and later than the normal due date for all decedent’s who died before December 17, 2010. Normally, the estimated estate tax must be paid with the request for the extension of time to file.

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