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Virginia Supreme Court: An Enforceable Non-Compete Must be Narrowly Tailored to Protect Legitimate Business Interests

Invalidating a non-compete agreement it found enforceable over 20 years earlier, on November 4, 2011 the Supreme Court of Virginia, in Home Paramount Pest Control Companies, Inc. vs. Shaffer, No. 101837, 2011 Va. Lexis 222 (2011) reaffirmed the position that a non-compete is enforceable if it is “narrowly drawn to protect the employer’s legitimate business interest…”.

Justin Shaffer, an employee of Home Paramount Pest Control Companies, Inc. (“Home Paramount”) signed an employment agreement containing a non-compete provision. The relevant portion of the provision was as follows:

The Employee will not engage directly or indirectly or concern himself/herself in any manner whatsoever in the carrying on or conducting the business of exterminating, pest control, termite control and/or fumigation services as an owner, agent, servant, representative, or employee, and/or as a member of a partnership and/or as an officer, director or stockholder of any corporation, or in any manner whatsoever, …”

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