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A Student’s Perspective – Advice on How to Write That Perfect Cover Letter

Writing that perfect cover letter for the course aux stages is one of the most important tools at your disposal. It is a self-portrait all the while acting as your reel. It contains invaluable information, which is typically not exemplified by one’s curriculum vitae. An anecdote or an achievement, in any event the main question remains: how do you attract the reader(s)? I believe the acronym “PREP”, which is required in many ways while writing this letter, is in my most humble opinion the best way of summing up this process.

P, for presentation; the style and format of one’s letter as you already know are very important. An excellent presentation attracts credibility to one’s candidature. In this regard, there should not be any spelling and grammatical mistakes. This simple step is where one’s willingness to meet you begins. You want to be taken seriously and want the letter to be read in its entirety. Would you show up to a formal interview in jeans and a white t-shirt? First impressions are crucial, we all know that! 

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