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Can 3-D Scanning and Printing be a Copyright Infringement?

Plastic head printed on 3D printedSuppose that you have a unique configuration for your physical object. You find out that your competitor has scanned the configuration of your object and is printing the object with a three-dimensional (3-D) printer. Is there anything you can do?  The answer is YES!

Let’s suppose you have created a physical object such as a lamp.  The base of the lamp has a decorative configuration that is capable of existing independently of the utilitarian aspects of the lamp.  The decorative configuration has a unique design that gives an aesthetic appearance that is not functional.  However, you did not file for a design patent and the time period has passed for obtaining patent protection.  Now, a competitor is scanning your lamp base and reproducing the decorative configuration through 3-D printing and competing against you.  Is there any other form of intellectual property protection that you can use to prevent this situation from continuing? 

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