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The Oscar, Lance and Tiger sponsorship saga: what are the consequences… for Nike?

Athlete endorsement is big business. It has been widely reported that Rory McIlroy has recently signed a ten year deal with Nike worth in excess of £150 million. The deal has propelled McIlroy into the (long) list of fabulously wealthy sportsmen and women. With cameras following athletes’ every move, and millions of eyes watching and reading stories about them, it is no wonder that sponsors are so eager to be linked to successful athletes.

Nike is a frontrunner in this regard and it spends millions of pounds every year on athletes such as Roger Federer (tennis), LeBron James (basketball), Maria Sharapova (tennis) and Cristiano Ronaldo (football). You may be aware that Oscar Pistorius, Lance Armstrong and Tiger Woods are (or were) also part of the Nike family. More…

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