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Millennial Engagement: Marketing’s New Trick Shot

Sports and marketing have come a long way since a young Pittsburgh Steelers fan offered Mean Joe Green a Coke in the classic 1979 television commercial. For one thing, the audience has changed. The oldest millennials were just being born in the late 70s, but now comprise one quarter of the U.S. population. Highly coveted by advertisers, millennials are often painted as fickle beasts. New data, however, challenges that notion. In fact, according to a pair of new studies, millennials are the most brand-loyal generation of all. This makes it all the more important for brands to get an early foothold with these prized consumers.

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Social Media – Maximising Consumer Engagement Without Breaking the Law

Did you miss our recent Melbourne and Sydney seminar “Social Media: How to Maximise Consumer Engagement without Breaching the Law”? Do you want to watch any part of it again to refresh your memory? Or do you want your marketers, agency or legal team to see the seminar? Well it’s your lucky day! We filmed the Melbourne session and it is now available with the slides embedded for your viewing pleasure.

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