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Five Easy Tips to Network Like a Boss

We’ve talked extensively on Zen about how to make the most out of conference attendance and networking. But with the ILN’s European Regional Conference coming up next week, it’s at the forefront of my mind! Before we jump in, I’d like to point out that I think the word “networking” can get a bit of a bad rap. But in my mind, it’s really exchangeable with “business development.” While it doesn’t represent the entire sphere of activities that business development can encompass, when you’re effectively networking, you’re engaging in activities that can bring you more business, either now or in the future. So it’s worth investing your time and energy in.

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Networking SUCKS. Now what?

Ahhhhhhh!!My mom hates the word “sucks,” but I’m using it in my title for effect – “what, Lindsay thinks networking sucks?”

Sure, sometimes. And I’m sure everyone else does too. Who doesn’t get fed up with all of the things we’re “supposed” to be doing every once in a while? 

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On May 3, 2013, Davis Malm attorney Sam A. Mawn-Mahlau served as a moderator at the 15th annual TiECON East Conference organized by TiE Boston and sponsored by Davis Malm & D’Agostine, P.C. The panel titled “Personalized Medicine” was chaired by Mr. Mawn-Mahlau and focused on recent advances in technology allowing the identification of specific disease related elements in a patient’s genome. The panel discussed how to develop, finance and commercialize technologies which tailor patient treatments, and some of the barriers faced by the early participants in this potentially transformative area. The two-day annual conference brought together established and startup entrepreneurs from several sectors such as technology, life sciences, education, and clean tech.

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ILN Today Post

KZR&P participated in the conference “Economic side of card business” in Warsaw, 20 June 2012

Beata Paxford, PhD was one of the guests at the conference “Economic side of card business”. She presented the interchange fee issue from a legal perspective.

This was the seventeenth session of the Polish Cards and Systems cycle.

The main conference themes were:

  1. Payment system as a  generator of the payment ecosystem.
  2. Interchange fee – a Polish problem in recent years.
  3. Development of non-cash transactions in Poland through the eyes of the acceptor.
  4. Card fee reduction program in Poland.


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Partner Lorna Bennie to represent Miller Samuel at Family law Collaborative Conference.

Partner Lorna Bennie will attend the 4th European Collaborative Conference ‘Creating Consensus’. The conference takes place today and tomorrow (1st & 2nd June 2012)  at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

As well as family law practitioners, the event will also be attended by non-legal professionals such as accountants and mental health professionals interested in a collaborative approach to common and difficult family law issues.

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Estonian Employment Law Conference

An employment law conference, Three Years of New Employment Contracts Act, jointly organised by daily financial newspaper Äripäev (Bonnier Group) and law firm TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE was held on 29 May. Almost a hundred HR managers, CEOs and chief accountants attended the conference.

At the conference, issues related to the implementation of the Employment Contracts Act that took effect in July 2009 were analysed. The conference was mainly addressed to employers who were given an excellent overview of topical issues concerning the Act. Minister of Social Affairs, Hanno Pevkur, spoke on how the state could help employers. Aule Kindsigo from the Estonian Tax and Customs Board made a presentation on tax issues in work relations. Niina Siitamfrom the Labour Inspectorate outlined the most common mistakes employers make when cancelling an employment contract and Gaabriel Tavits from the University of Tartu analysed the new Employment Contracts Act from an academic point of view. TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE partner Toomas Taube talked about major labour disputes settled by courts recently, senior associate Piret Luiga covered various aspects of intellectual property in employment, and associate Aidi Kallavus talked about different tax issues concerning employment contracts.

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VIDEO: CEO and President of Estonian Air Mr Tero Taskila at 4th business conference AN ESTONIAN-FINNISH ECONOMIC UNION?

The fourth business conference AN ESTONIAN-FINNISH ECONOMIC UNION? took place on 2 March 2012 organized by TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE daily Postimees and business news portal E24.

Finland is the country Estonia has the closest economic ties with. It is the largest trading partner, source of foreign investment and foreign labour market for Estonia. We are both tiny on the world scale; yet, we serve as positive examples in several respects. Our shared values and close geographic location make it possible for us to jointly accomplish more than either of us would be able to achieve alone.

CEO and President of Estonian Air, Mr Tero Taskila, introduced Estonian Air’s Finnish strategy at the conference.

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