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BizTips – What incentives and grants are available to my business?

There is an abundance of incentives, concessions, grants and assistance programs available to Australian businesses, particularly small businesses and startups. From the announcements made in the National Innovation and Science Agenda to changes in crowd-funding laws, let alone those incentives that have been around for many years, the sheer number of possibilities is daunting.

The difficult part for a business owner is understanding which ones are accessible and how valuable and suitable they are to their business. For small businesses and startups, getting this right can mean the difference between survival or business failure.

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What is the relationship between PPP and concessions? 2016/3/25 15:32:30

From fledgling concessions to PPP that is sweeping the country today, there are two major sets of regulations to be followed: one being regulations for concessions led by the National Development and Reform Commission (“NDRC”) and the other the series of regulations for PPP led by the Ministry of Finance (“MoF”).  However, to date, there is still not one law that expressly defines the relationship between the two, resulting in much confusion and many impediments in practice.  The relationship between concessions and PPP is an issue currently desperately needing clarification.

The NDRC holds, in the Guiding Opinions on Launching Public-Private Partnerships, that the operational methods for the PPP model include concessions, government procurement of services, equity cooperation, etc.  

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