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Concealed carry comes to Illinois

Earlier this year, Illinois became the last state in the Union to pass a concealed carry firearms law.  While the law went into effect immediately, permit applications are to be made available 180 after enactment, which will be shortly after the first of the new year. Much confusion amongst employers remains with this new law.  In a new article for Illinois Manufacturer Magazine, Chicago Partner Mark Spognardi clearly outlines the details of this new law. Topics include:

  • Requirements to obtain apply for a license
  • Where firearms under the concealed carry law are prohibited
  • An employers rights

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Should Wisconsin employers look to Kentucky for help on concealed carry?

Don’t worry – this is not a Bob Costas halftime post regarding anybody’s opinion on guns. We are just sticking to the court cases here, everyone. Last month, I wrote about some of the issues Wisconsin employers face with deer hunting season. One of those issues that could cause some Wisconsin employers headaches was the new concealed carry law that went into effect November 2011. At the time the law was passed, many employers expressed concern about having firearms in the workplace regardless of personal opinions on this topic. As fate would have it, the Western District of Kentucky recently issued a decision that may present persuasive authority for those Wisconsin employers that seek to restrict the presence of guns at the workplace.

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