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Insights Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You? Export Control Agency Visits, Part 2

This article is the second part of a two-part series. In the first article, we introduced the types of company visits conducted by the two major U.S. export agencies,[1] and discussed potential outcomes and consequences of these visits. In this second article, we discuss what to expect during a visit from the agencies and best practices to prepare for them.  The first article can be accessed here.

DDTC Visits

The Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (“DDTC”) Office of Defense Trade Controls Compliance (“DTCC”) has published specific guidance regarding what companies should expect from a Company Visit Program (“CVP”) effort. DTCC will initially contact the selected company, at which point the company could elect not to participate in the CVP visit.[2] If the company decides to participate in the CVP visit, DTCC and the company will coordinate and select a date for the visit. After a visit date is confirmed, DTCC will send a formal visit notification letter outlining an agenda for the visit and may request certain pre-visit materials, such as an organizational chart or written export procedures.

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