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Might New “Comp Time” Bill Actually Pass This Time?

A new “comp time” bill that could dramatically change when and how overtime is paid to private sector employees in many, if not most, jurisdictions has passed the House of Representatives.  And unlike similar bills that have been considered over the years, this one might actually have a chance of passing. If it can get past an expected Democratic filibuster in the Senate, that is.

“Comp time” – short for “compensatory time” is generally defined as paid time off that is earned and accrued by an employee instead of immediate cash payment for working overtime hours.

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Heads-Up Employers: Is comp time the wave of the future?

The answer is yes, if House Majority Leader Eric Cantor has anything to say about it.

On February 5, 2013, Cantor delivered a speech at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) entitled “Making Life Work” that set forth the agenda the House majority is expected to pursue over the next two years. One of the proposals outlined in Cantor’s plan to “make life work” was that private employers should be afforded the flexibility to allow employees to convert overtime to comp time.

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