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Why Jean Rony matters? “Near Bahamian” – “Dreamer”=” what’s the difference?

We have seen the sad unfolding drama of Jean Rony vs. the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. It is a sad story with no real winners. Rony was brought to and born in a country, by no act or omission of his own, by parents who were desperate to escape the dire poverty of Haiti. Years later he finds himself returned to the Bahamas and detained again for an offence he did not commit…being born and reared in a country in which he has grown; a country which was not the home of his forebears. The offence is not known to Bahamian Law but it is a serious offence nonetheless. It carries with it the burdens of too many decades, the indifference of too many politicians and the growing indignation of perhaps thousands of “near Bahamians” who sit idly by dreaming of a day on which the family of those who fashion themselves as full citizens of the Bahamas will become regularised.

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US citizen – who me? Beware of the dreaded US estate and gift tax!

If Australian senators are not sure about their citizenship, can you be certain about your citizenship?

Former senators Scott Ludlam, who was born in New Zealand, and Larissa Waters, who was born in Canada, have both asserted they were not aware of their dual citizenship. As they were both born in foreign countries, they both had foreign citizenship at birth.

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