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Illinois Prohibits Non-Competition Agreements for Low-Wage Employees

E. Jason Tremblay

E. Jason Tremblay

Governor Bruce Rauner recently signed into law the Illinois Freedom to Work Act (the Act), which will prohibit private sector employers from entering into non-compete agreements with low-wage employees. The Act defines low-wage employees as those who earn the greater of: (a) the Federal ($7.25 per hour), State ($8.25 per hour), or local (currently, $10.50 per hour under the Chicago Minimum Wage Ordinance) minimum wage; or (b) $13.00 per hour.

A covenant not to compete entered into between an employer and a low-wage employee is considered illegal and void under the Act. The Act defines a prohibited “covenant not to compete” as an agreement that would prohibit a low-wage employee from: (a) working for another employer for a specified period of time; (b) working in a specified geographic area; or (c) engaging in similar work for another employer.

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