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Ontario Court Allows Increased Political Activity By Charities

In an important decision released on July 16, 2018, Justice E.M. Morgan of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice held that the provision of the Income Tax Act (“ITA”) which restricted a charity’s “political activities” to a maximum of ten per cent of its resources were unconstitutional because it offended the charity’s right of freedom of expression contained in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (“Charter”).  As a result, Justice Morgan ordered the Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) to immediately cease interpreting and enforcing the impugned section of the ITA in that manner.  In doing so, Justice Morgan effectively ended CRA’s “political activities” audits of Canadian charities and opened the door for charities to engage in much more non-partisan political activity.

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Budget 2016: Impact on Charities

Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered the government’s 2016 federal budget yesterday. Below is a summary of some of the announcements from the budget that will impact charities.

Update on Previous Budget Proposal: Capital Gains Exemption for Donations of Real Estate and Private Company shares

The 2015 federal budget proposed to extend the exemption for capital gains tax to situations where the proceeds from the sale of private company shares or real estate are donated to charity, as discussed in this previous post. In yesterday’s budget, the government announced that it does not intend to proceed with these changes. This is unfortunate news for the charitable sector, as it was hoped that this change would help boost charitable donations.

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Restating and centralising the special conditions for tax concession entities

The Federal Government released for comment draft legislation, draft regulations and explanatory material that it would proceed with its measure to restate and centralise the special conditions for tax concession charities. The effect of the reforms will be to clearly define and limit the execution of charitable activities ‘in Australia’.

This measure comes off the back of the Federal Government’s 14 December 2013 announcement that it would enforce wide sweeping reform to all tax laws to restore simplicity and fairness to the Australian tax system. More…

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Eugenija Sutkienė, the Managing Partner of TARK GRUNTE SUTKIENE Vilnius office, took part in the General Assembly of SOS Children’s Villages

On 21 – 23 June, the 19th Ordinary General Assembly of SOS Children’s Villages was held in Innsbruck, Austria. Over 350 delegates from 130 countries attended the General Assembly. During the Assembly, the new head of the organisation was elected – it was Siddhartha Kaul, who replaced Helmut Kutin, who has been at the head of the organisation for 27 years.

Eugenija Sutkienė is a member of the Board of the SOS Children’s Villages Association of Lithuania. The SOS Children’s Village is a charity and support fund, which builds families for children in need, helps them to shape their own futures and develop their communities.

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New special conditions for charity and not-for-profit tax concessions

On 17 April 2012, the Assistant Treasurer released a revised exposure draft on the special conditions applicable to tax concession entities including the ‘in Australia’ requirement and the definition of ‘not-for-profit’. The changes affect the requirements and criteria to be met to qualify for income tax exemptions in Australia by charities and not-for-profits which have any overseas activities.

The revisions are the result of consultations on the initial exposure draft released in July 2011 (see our update here).

The draft legislation is expected to be introduced into Parliament in mid-2012. More…

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Charity redefined: Broader scope for charities?

By Jon Cheung of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

On 11 May 2011, the ATO issued draft Ruling TR 2011/D2 (Draft Ruling) and a Decision Impact Statement (Decision Impact Statement) setting out their views in relation to the Aid/Watch(1) case (see our case update here).  The Decision Impact Statement and Draft Ruling have a significant impact on future or proposed activities and on some organisations not previously considered ‘charitable’. read more…

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