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Top Court Orders Transportation Agency to Consider Obese Passenger Complaint

Delta Airlines Inc. v. Gábor Lukács (2018 SCC 2)  This decision of the Supreme Court of Canada was released on January 19, 2018.
Dr. Gábor Lukács filed a complaint with the Canadian Transportation Agency (“Agency”) alleging that Delta Airlines Inc. (“Delta”) had applied discriminatory practices governing the carriage of obese persons.  The Agency dismissed the complaint on the basis that Dr. Lukács failed to meet the tests for private interest standing and public interest standing as developed by and for courts of civil jurisdiction.  The question was whether the Agency’s decision was reasonable.  Chief Justice McLachlin (Justices Wagner, Gascon, Cote, Brown and Rowe, concurring) concluded that it was not and remitted the matter to the Agency to reconsider whether to hear the complaint.
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