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Trump’s Branding Problem

Donald Trump came to the White House with the lowest approval rating ever for an incoming president. From a branding perspective, things have not been getting better. On the 144th day of his presidency, Trump hit a 60% disapproval rating, giving him the dubious distinction of being the fastest to ever reach that mark (beating George H.W. Bush, who took 1,290 days to get there).

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Intel Gets Extraverted

In the last few years, Intel’s advertising has become a lot less inward-focused. For decades, the company’s “Intel Inside” campaign directed consumers’ attention to the chips that Intel puts inside electronic devices. While that campaign (with its instantly recognizable bong-bong-bong jingle) helped make the company what it is today, Intel hasn’t been content to rest on its success. This is a company with innovation in its DNA, after all.

With new CMO Steve Fund at the helm, Intel has added an outward looking element to its Intel Inside message. The company’s latest marketing push is focused outward, highlighting the shuttle launches, solar-powered car races, animated dragons, high-tech garments, and other wonders that Intel technology brings to life.

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FDI Liberalizations in the E-Commerce Sector

Under the Consolidated Foreign Direct Investment Policy (“FDI Policy”) issued by the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (“DIPP”), FDI is permitted upto 100% under the automatic route in companies engaged in E-Commerce provided such companies would engage only in Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce. FDI in E-Commerce with respect to retail trading, however, was not allowed.

With the issuance by DIPP of Press Note 12 of 2015 dated November 24, 2015, certain critical amendments have been brought in the FDI policy with respect to the single brand retail sector and manufacturing sector vis-à-vis the E-Commerce space. 

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