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Six key questions for understanding legal technology developments

There is massive hype and conjecture about where technology is taking legal services but I think we need to remind ourselves that technology alone isn’t going to make the difference. Technology has the capacity to be an enabler of change, but the technology itself is not a differentiator, nor does it create a strategic advantage by itself.

Gaining a strategic advantage by its nature must be hard to replicate. If it was as easy as just buying technology, anyone could do it. A strategic advantage is carved out by the effective combination of people, process and technology. We’re loving the debate and discussion around technology at Hall & Wilcox, and we enjoyed participating in the recent Chilli IQ Managing Partners Forum around the “Agent of Change” theme.

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New law: where does the new client fit in?

Amid the potential for new technologies to transform legal delivery, the most exciting change we are currently seeing is clients who expect more.

So much of the talk around innovation in legal services misses the one vital element of the whole equation. Technology is and will continue to play a huge role, but something bigger is happening: focus on the client.

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Meal and Rest Period Class Action: Settlement Versus Litigation Costs for Taco Bell

Our colleague Michael S. Kun, a Member of the Firm at Epstein Becker Green, has a post on the Wage and Hour Defense Blog that will be of interest to many of our readers in the hospitality industry: “Taco Bell Employees Likely Are Not Celebrating Their ‘Victory’ in California Meal and Rest Period Class Action.”

Following is an excerpt:

More than a few media sources have reported on the March 10, 2016 wage-hour “victory” by a class of Taco Bell employees on meal period claims in a jury trial in the Eastern District of California. A closer review of the case and the jury verdict suggests that those employees may not be celebrating after all — and that Taco Bell may well be the victor in the case.

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