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„Must Reede“ iseloomustas online ostlemise trendi.

2015. a „Must Reede“ on möödas ja maailma meedia on jäetud kajastama ostuhulluse tagajärgi. TGS retail meeskonna jaoks ei ole meedia järelkajas, et online ostude arv püstitas võimsad rekordid, midagi üllatavat. Oleme korduvalt oma blogis kirjutanud, et tarbijate käitumisharjumused on järjepidevalt muutumises ja tarbijate poodlemine mobiilsete sidevahendite kaudu on kasvav trend.

Numbritest – „Musta Reede“ jooksul sooritasid Ameerika tarbijad online`s, 4,21 miljardi euro eest oste, mis iseloomustab 14% suurust kasvu võrreldes eelmise aastaga. Kusjuures üle poole ostudest tehti just mobiilsete sidevahendite kaudu. UK-s sooritasid tarbijad online`s ca 1,6 miljardi euro eest oste. Amazon ja John Lewis on tänaseks ka tõdenud, et tegemist oli nende parima müügipäevaga. Amazoni hinnangul müüsid nad rohkem kui 7,4 miljonit eset (võrdluseks, et eelmisel aastal oli see number „kõigest“ 1,9 miljonit). 

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In Honour of Black Friday – Big Brand Retailers Fight Quebec Language Law

CBC reports that a group of  well-known retailers, including  WALMART, COSTCO and BESTBUY, are taking the Quebec Government’s French language watchdog to Court over its recent requirement that all retailers have signs that include either a generic French name or add a slogan or explanation to reflect what they are selling.  For example, rather than featuring signage with just the well-known WALMART mark, the Quebec government wants that retailer’s signs to now read “Le Magasin WALMART” or something to that effect.

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Prepare Employees for Black Friday and Beyond

Black Friday.jpgBy Jennifer Barna

As shoppers and retailers get ready to celebrate “Black Friday” —  the kickoff to what we hope will  be a busy holiday shopping season —  it’s a good time for retail employers to review their policies on timekeeping and to ensure that non-exempt employees know how to record their working time.  Where is it not prohibited by state laws concerning meal and other breaks, employees may sometimes end up missing all or part of an unpaid meal break due to the demands of a busy sales floor. Employers need make sure employees are properly compensated for time spent working during what would have been an unpaid break, and to protect against allegations to the contrary under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act or similar state wage laws. It will go a long way in avoiding, and if necessary, defending against such claims if your company timekeeping policies are carefully drafted, circulated, and followed.

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