Take Action to Appoint a ‘Human’ Director before 1 October 2010

Is your board made up exclusively of corporate directors?

If so, then you have been making use of the transitional provisions under the Companies Act 2006. Under the Act all companies must have at least one natural person (otherwise, a ‘human’) as a director, although if your company was already incorporated before the new law came into effect then a grace period applies until 1 October 2010.

Failure to appoint a natural person by the end of this month could result in hefty fines being levied against both the company and the defaulting directors of up to £5,000 with the possibility of additional daily fines accruing for continuing default.

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Multi-Million Dollar Trade Secret Heist Results In Federal Criminal Plea

Co-authored by Christie O. Tate.

In the latest example of a significant international trade secret theft resulting in a federal criminal prosecution, chemist David Yen Lee recently pleaded guilty in federal court in Chicago to “knowingly and without authorization” possessing one or more trade secrets of his former employer Valspar Corporation (“Valspar”) with intent to convert them “to the economic benefit of someone other than the owner.” Valspar is an international company with offices in Illinois and elsewhere that manufactures and sells paint and coating products in the United States and internationally. Lee worked for Valspar as a Technical Director from approximately 2006 until March 2009, when he departed for Nippon Paint (“Nippon”), a Valspar competitor.

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New Workshops Help Women Strengthen Their Leadership Skills

If you are in the New York City area and would like to strengthen your leadership skills and network with other women professionals, the Athena Leadership Lab at Barnard College (Columbia University’s Liberal Arts College for Women), in Manhattan is offering hands-on courses designed to “teach women the practical elements of leadership – from the art of negotiation to effective public speaking, from financial fluency to management savvy.” You don’t need to be a current or past student of Barnard College to enroll.

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Immigration Alert: August 2010

Emergency Border Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, Which Includes Targeted Visa Fee Hikes, Becomes Law

Customs and Border Protection Announces Interim Final Rule Increasing ESTA Fee

Department of Homeland Security Amends Rules Governing Electronic Signature/Storage of Forms I-9

State Department Issues Final Rule Regarding J-1 Trainees and Interns

August 13, 2010, H-1B Cap Count

Smartsoft Agrees to Pay $1 Million to Settle H-1B Visa Allegations with Department of Labor

DOS Issues September 2010 Visa Bulletin

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Third Circuit Case Explores Nooks and Crannies of Trade Secret Misappropriation Under Pennsylvania Law

A July 27, 2010 decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, in Bimbo Bakeries USA, Inc. v. Botticella, No. 10-1510, upheld an injunction preventing a senior executive from commencing employment at Hostess Brands, Inc., a bakery rival to the plaintiff Bimbo. The decision is notable in that the Court enjoined Mr. Botticella’s employment, in the absence of any non-competition agreement, on the basis that there was a “substantial likelihood,” but not an “inevitability,” that Mr. Botticella would disclose or use Bimbo’s trade secrets in the course of his planned employment at Hostess.

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Societies of Limited Responsibilities and Individual Enterprises of Limited Responsibilities

Societies of Limited Responsibilities

The societies of Limited Responsibilities are those formed by two or more persons by contributions of all partners, who don’t respond personally of the social debts. It is our personal believe that this will be the most commonly used form of company.
Particular Characteristics
  • Number of partners: minimum two (2) and maximum of fifty (50)
  • Social denomination: a fantasy name can be used or a trade name that will have to be preceded or followed by the words “Society of Limited Responsibilities” or the initials “SRL”. If this indication is omitted the partners will be jointly responsible in front of third parties.
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RSS celebrates its 90th birthday

Much ink has flowed since April 20, 1921, when the two founders of RSS began their partnership.  Since then, RSS has continued to grow and to evolve to serve the best interests of its clients.  In 90 years, the firm has grown from two to over eighty legal professionals. Today, more than 160 people work at RSS daily. Together, they have all contributed to what RSS has become today, a firm with a renowned reputation in the local, national and international community.

RSS is proud to celebrate 90 years of existence and would like to take this opportunity to thank its clients and employees for their loyalty.  Despite the tremendous growth and the many changes experienced by RSS, what it takes to build and maintain the RSS Team never changes; to name just a few of these components, professionalism, dedication, attention given and goodwill.

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It’s employee’s week at RSS

This year, from April 28 to May 6, RSS will highlight several activities and gifts in appreciation of its employees.  As usual, RSS will begin Employees’ Week with a “5 à 7″ cocktail and a ceremony that honors and acknowledges the contribution of our dedicated support staff  and  colleagues who have devoted 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 , 30, even 35 years or more of service.  Other surprises will follow throughout the week.  Only the best for our employees who demonstrate every day their dedication to the prosperity of the firm and its clients.  We can never say, or do enough, to let them know how much we are proud and appreciative of them.

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RSS’ motto: helping others

Since its inception a year ago in June 2010, the Robinson Sheppard Shapiro Foundation and RSS, through donations from its employees and RSS itself, has supported so far more than forty regional organizations and redistributed in excess of $55,000.00.  We are proud to be able to give back to the community and to those in need.

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A well deserved acknowledgement

Charles E. Flam, Managing Partner and Senior Attorney in both civil and corporate litigation at RSS, was selected for fellowship, in March, 2011, in the New York-based Litigation Counsel of America.  Me Flam became the 7th Quebec attorney to be recognized by this distinguished honorary society, and is one of only 59 Canadian attorneys who have been inducted as Fellows.   Fellows are invited for membership following a thorough review of their career, reputation and ethical values.  We are honored to have Me Flam, who is recognized amongst the best litigators across America, as part of both our management and legal teams.

To learn more about Me Charles E. Flam and the services he offers, please consult his profile.

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