Can a Solicitor be Penalised for Correcting their own Mistake?

A solicitor may no longer be entitled to rectify a mistake at their own expense and with the prior approval of both their professional indemnity insurers and the client themselves. Michael Murphy, Partner specialising in solicitor professional indemnity claims, weighs up the case

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Banking and Security Law Seminar addresses ever-increasing complexity of creditor claims

Banking and security law topics were the order of the day on Wednesday 29th January as we hosted a Banking and Security Law Seminar in our head office at Bishopsgate, Henry Street, Limerick. The seminar, which was attended by a selection of banking specialists and institutions including Allied Irish Banks plc, Bank of Ireland, KBC Bank Ireland plc and Ulster Bank Ireland DAC, included analysis of recent case law updates.

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The Implications of Supreme Court Decision on Discovery

Tobin v. Minister for Defence [2019] IESC 57

The cost of conducting a discovery exercise can be a major deterrent to sustaining proceedings in the Irish legal system. The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Tobin v. Minister for Defence [2019] IESC 57 illustrates the potentially disproportionate burden discovery can create for parties to litigation.

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Getting Paid: Adjudicating Payment Disputes in a Construction Contract

Adjudication is a statutory dispute resolution process. Caitlín Love looks at the trend to adjudicate payment disputes in construction contracts

In Brief: All parties to a construction contract entered into after 25th July 2016 should be aware of the provisions of the Construction Contracts Act 2013 (CCA) and in particular to the CCA adjudication process, which serves as an efficient and effective alternative dispute resolution mechanism to standard contractual dispute resolution clauses.

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Knowledge: New Qualifications, Training & Industry Experts

It has been an exceptional year in terms of our team gaining further qualifications, training and contributions to business and marketplace communities through sharing industry insights and specialist legal knowledge. Take a look below to learn more about our commitment to knowledge.

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New review of the Supreme Court on the application of law on business companies

On December 25, 2019 the Presidium of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation adopted the Judicial Review on certain issues arising in the application of law on business companies.
By this Review, the Supreme Court changed some well-established regulatory approaches and additionally clarified some features of the law application. Read more…
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Collective management of music authors’ rights in Greece: Recent developments in a long-suffering field

The field of collective management of music authors’ rights in Greece is currently experiencing a series of ongoing developments regarding the establishment and operation of collecting societies representing music authors in the country, with the situation still remaining uncertain as to how the landscape will look like in a few months’ time.

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INSOL WORLD: The Italian Code of Business Crisis

INSOL WORLD: The Italian Code of Business Crisis
Authors: Giorgio Cherubini, Giovanna Canale Giorgio Cherubini and Giovanna Canale have published in the latest…
Giorgio Cherubini
Giovanna Canale
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Your Compass for Navigating Claims in a Hard Market

An increase in underwriting discipline has seen a rise in premiums and reduction in the availability of cover for professional indemnity (PI) insurance. Aoife Skehan navigates PI claims in a hard market

In Brief: Insurers have started to take steps to return to underwriting profitability which has resulted in a hardening of the market, causing contraction in the availability of coverage as well as premiums to rise, particularly for PI risks. Insurers and their insureds will require a defence panel firm which can navigate changing claims behaviours in this market. Careful policy coverage investigations are necessary which include robust assessments of liability and quantum, timely conclusion of claims and value for money.

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Legal Updates 2020-01-12

On July 9, 2019 the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation approved the Resolution. №4 “On the application of private international law by the courts of the Russian Federation” (hereinafter – the Resolution). The Resolution contains clarifications on most practical issues regarding the procedure of the choice of applicable law by courts while resolving disputes complicated by a foreign element. The Resolution, particularly, explains the following issues:
1. The concept of a foreign element
The Resolution specifies that the list of foreign elements given in para 1  Art. 1186 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation is not exhaustive. –In particularan act committed abroad or occurrence of an event (legal fact) outside the Russian territory might be considered as foreign element.
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