We are very pleased to announce that our firm has recently received the following awards:

– IP-Patents Firm of the Year in Greece by Leaders in Law – 2020 Global Awards

– IP Law Firm of the Year in Greece 2020 by Global Law Experts

– Law Firm of the Year – Advertising – Greece – 2020 by M&A Today Global Awards

– Best Practice Operator Greece 2020 by ACQ5 – Country Awards 2020

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Press release: Internationalization projects in Africa

Press release: Internationalization projects in Africa
Author: Stefano Rossi The last business mission organized by EXP Legal in Senegal, Dakar, ended…
Stefano Rossi

Senegal has long been a country of strategic importance in the expansion of EXP Legal on the African continent, particularly in the area of West Africa.

Since 2014, the launch year of the “Plan Senegal Emergent” program, the Senegalese economy has advanced at increasing rates (4.3% in 2014, 6.4% in 2015, 6.6% in 2016, 6.7% in 2017, 6.8% in 2018). Political stability, strong integration into the regional economy, the optimal geographical position and a “pro business” legislative and regulatory framework are the other positive aspects to consider.

The mission in Dakar, led by Avv. Stefano Rossi, had as main objective the strengthening of the presence of the Firm in Senegal and the network expansion of professional co-operation relationships on site: a network of primary African law and consulting firms to work synergistically in order to assist clients in the whole region according to their needs.

In addition to supporting its clients in the development and implementation of new export plans in Africa, the Firm assists companies in more complex investment operations in multiple product and industrial sectors.

In the coming months, an event will take place in Rome dedicated to business opportunities for Italian companies in Africa, followed by a new multisectoral business mission in Senegal, this time dedicated to a selected number of companies.

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Facebook and Twitter fined for violation of requirements for the personal data localization

At the end of 2019, Federal Law No. 405-FZ1 entered into force. This act has significantly increased administrative liability for violations of the requirements on the localization of databases containing personal data of Russian nationals. We already wrote about this amendment earlier.
The new provisions have significantly increased the amount of fines for violation of requirements for the personal data localization. At the moment the maximum fine may be as high as RUB 18 million.
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Do you need a company to be established in Hungary? You will find below some hints and tips that will make your life easier.

Can be used promptly

Although a company is considered as formed once it is entered into the Companies Registry, it can already pursue business activity from the date of filing. As soon as it gets its tax registration number (a couple of days later), the company can even issue invoices, notwithstanding its registration. So putting a company into operation is indeed fast and effective.

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Simplification of the procedure of including IP objects to the Customs Register

According to Chapter 57 of the Federal law No. 289-FZ dated 03.08.2018 “On Customs Regulation in the Russian Federation and on amending certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” (Law on customs regulation) a rightholder is entitled to file to the Customs Service an application for including their IP objects to the Customs Register seeking rights protection.
If an object is included to the Customs Register the Russian customs authorities preclude unauthorized import/export. As a result, counterfeits or parallel imported goods are not brought to the Russian market and no damage to the rightholder is caused.
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Conciliation Explained

Conciliation is a process which is similar to mediation for resolving disputes. Harry Fehily reconciles when to use this alternative dispute resolution method

In Brief: Conciliation is an alternative dispute resolution method. In Ireland, conciliation is primarily used for the resolution of disputes in the construction industry. Whether or not, given the recently introduced adjudication system for construction disputes, it continues to be used by the construction industry, it should still be recognised as a viable, efficient and cost-effective dispute resolution system in its own right and widely adopted in other areas.

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The new EU-Singapore Partnership Agreements

The new EU-Singapore Partnership Agreements
Authors: Stefano Rossi, Eugenio Del Monte The trade agreement between the EU and the Republic…
Stefano Rossi
Eugenio Del Monte




On November 8, 2019, the Member States of the European Union (EU) approved the trade agreement between the EU and Singapore, which therefore entered into force on November 21. An investment protection agreement has also been concluded between the EU and Singapore, which may enter into force after ratification by all EU Member States according to their respective national proceedings. These are the first bilateral trade agreements signed between the EU and a Member State of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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Can a Solicitor be Penalised for Correcting their own Mistake?

A solicitor may no longer be entitled to rectify a mistake at their own expense and with the prior approval of both their professional indemnity insurers and the client themselves. Michael Murphy, Partner specialising in solicitor professional indemnity claims, weighs up the case

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Banking and Security Law Seminar addresses ever-increasing complexity of creditor claims

Banking and security law topics were the order of the day on Wednesday 29th January as we hosted a Banking and Security Law Seminar in our head office at Bishopsgate, Henry Street, Limerick. The seminar, which was attended by a selection of banking specialists and institutions including Allied Irish Banks plc, Bank of Ireland, KBC Bank Ireland plc and Ulster Bank Ireland DAC, included analysis of recent case law updates.

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The Implications of Supreme Court Decision on Discovery

Tobin v. Minister for Defence [2019] IESC 57

The cost of conducting a discovery exercise can be a major deterrent to sustaining proceedings in the Irish legal system. The decision of the Supreme Court in the case of Tobin v. Minister for Defence [2019] IESC 57 illustrates the potentially disproportionate burden discovery can create for parties to litigation.

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