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Collecttive Name Societies and the New Company Law

Collective Name Societies

The Collective Name Society is that which exists under a trade name and in which all the partners have the quality of retailers and respond, in a subsidiary, limitless and shared way, for the social obligations.
Particular Characteristics
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Joint-Stock Societies and the New Company Law

Joint-Stock Societies.

The article 154 of the law defines the Joint-Stock Society as the one existing between two or more people under a social denomination and is composed exclusively of partners whose responsibilities for the losses are limited by their contributions. Its capital will be represented by essentially negotiable titles denominated Stocks, which will have to be completely subscribed and paid before the issuance.
In accordance with the Law, the Joint-Stock Societies could be:
of Public Subscription: the ones that resort to the public savings for the formation and increase of the authorized social capital, or quote their stocks in the stock market, or contract loans by the public emission of negotiable obligations, or use mass media or advertising to position and negotiate any type of instrument in the stock market; or
Private Subscription: those Joint-Stock Societies not included in the enunciations of the article 156.
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New Business Law in the Dominican Republic

The new Commercial Societies and Individual Enterprises of Limited Responsibilities General Law (Law No. 479-08), substitutes and derogates the Third Title in the Commercial Code that is in effect, that includes the articles 18 to the 64 regarding the Commercial Societies.

This new Law recognizes and maintains in effect the different types of societies known from the Commercial Code. Nevertheless, institutes two new classes of societies: the Societies of Limited Responsibilities (SRL by the initials in Spanish) and the Individual Enterprises of Limited Responsibilities (EIRL by the initials in Spanish).
This way the law recognizes and regulates the following types of societies:
Joint-Stock Societies of Public and Private Subscription
Collective Name Societies
Simple Silent Partnership Societies
Stocks Partnership Societies
Societies of Limited Responsibilities
Individual Enterprises of Limited Responsibilities
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All Purpose Law Blog 2010-03-17 12:39:00

IP Monitoring Services: protect your IP rights.

Your IP rights must have cost you valuable human, financial and time resources to be developed. This right belongs to you.

In principle, it is your responsibility to protect the integrity of your IP rights. Conflicting IP rights are filed constantly to competition and other third parties, without you noticing it at the right time to take action. Even though the filing is made public for third parties objections, not always the owner of a registered right take notices of the publicity.

Our IP Monitoring Services offers you a permanent review of all third parties filing to identify those that could conflict with yours.

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Lawyers and the Economy Crisis

The worldwide economy crisis is now a reality. All countries are suffering the effects, one more than others and no sector or industry is not shielded against it.

In my particular field of expertise, lawyers and law firms are taking different actions in respect with this particular issue. Without doing a deep analysis on those actions, here are some of them for you to comment on.
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Lawyers are not exempt to change

“Change is the only constant”, we were told since the begining of our education.

Lawyers are not the exception of the ever changing business environment and that´s why our clients needs and requests usually are as different and evolving as the markets.

Lawyers are supposed to be able to evolve with their clients, of course without safeguarding expertise and risking the integrity of the representation by going in unknown waters just to get the account.

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Lawyers, Clients, Techonology and how to keep the perspective

In this information era where the internet and the ever changing technologies opens a door to a more interactive, effective and dynamic business world, legal practices are not the exception, but be aware it is a resource not the source.

Internet, document sharing, virtual conferences, and all the other tools, have given law practices a new dimension on clients service. The ability to share documents drafts, information, court decisions, articles and a lot more is making the job of the lawyers less time consuming and a lot speedier. As for the clients, specially the international corporations with branches or interests in different countries and regions, it gives them the chance to unify the legal services rendered to them, under the same “practice standards” in the various jurisdictions.

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Are Dot Coms are sellers since Day 1?

The constant buy-ins of “dot coms” and other internet related companies by the biggest players could impact the mentality of the future companies to come and would demand a better drafting of some legal documents.

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What the Clients expect from a Outside Counsel

I wish to share some ideas of what a client expect from an outside counsel. Please make an exam of yourself in each of these points and make a commitment to improve the needed areas. It will help us be better lawyers. What a clients expect in a Lawyer:

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