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Tax Update

Personal Liability for Company Tax Debts
Draft Legislation – Director Penalty Notices – What you don’t know can hurt you!
By Damian O’Connor, Partner, Gadens Lawyers Brisbane
The Treasury has released draft legislation dealing with changes to the director penalty notice rules announced in the 2011/2012 Federal Budget.
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Not for Profits Update

What will the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission look like? Final report on NFP Regulator released

By Jon Cheung and Kimberley Vancuylenberg of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

In the Federal Budget delivered on 10 May 2011, several announcements were made that will affect the charity and not-for-profit sector. read more

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Corporate Risk and Insurance Update

Sparking a divide in defining ‘damage’ in business interruption claims?

Mainstream Aquaculture Pty Ltd v Calliden Insurance Ltd [2011] VSC 286

By Jessica Kinny and Ray Giblett of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

The concept of ‘damage’ is fundamental to business interruption insurance because without it there is often no cover.  A broad approach to what constitutes ‘damage’ can therefore have a significant impact on the scope of such policies. read more


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Life Sciences Update

Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill 

By Alexia Marinos of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

On 22 June 2011, a Notice of Motion was given by the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research , Senator Carr to introduce the Intellectual Property Laws Amendment (Raising the Bar) Bill (Bill) into the Senate.  read more


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Corporate Update

Supplies of goods and services – replacement of laws on implied conditions and warranties

By Iris Dielmann of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

Do you use standard terms and conditions of supply or purchase orders in your business?  If you are a supplier who supplies:

  • goods or service to a person (including a corporation) if the amount paid or payable for the goods or services is $40,000 or less (irrespective of the nature of goods or services)
  • goods or services to a person (including a corporation) if the goods or services are of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption (irrespective of price)
  • a vehicle to a person (including a corporation) for use in the transport of goods on public roads (irrespective of price)


New laws on consumer guarantees may affect you.  read more


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Emerging Investment Opportunities in India: The Multi-Brand Retail Segment

A consensus has emerged in the government to permit foreign direct investment (FDI) in multi-brand retailing.

The Ministries of agriculture and food processing and the Planning Commission have suggested FDI up to 100 per cent in this sector, where other ministries have suggested smaller caps and sought more suggestions from industry.

The inter-ministerial group of inflation headed by Kaushik Basu, who is the chief economic advisor in the finance ministry, has recommended that FDI in multi-brand retail should be permitted, as it could be one of the key steps to help reduce rising prices and cut the margin between farms and retail prices.

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Building and Construction Update

Proportionate Liability – still causing insurance havoc

By Ray Giblett and Scott Laycock of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

It is now several years since the commencement of proportionate liability in New South Wales[1] yet it continues to wreak havoc in the allocation and management of risk in a variety of contexts.  This is particularly so in the context of construction projects where parties routinely contract out of proportionate liability in an attempt to avoid a multiplicity of claims arising when something goes wrong.  read more

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Indian Aerospace Sector – A Promising Segment for Investment in India

Indian Economy: the Investor’s paradise

India is a booming economy which has seeing an exceptional growth in its aviation segment in last couple of decades. Counter to demands of aviation segment in the country the existing aviation infrastructure and the carrier’s technology needs serious up gradation. As there are ample of opportunities for growth of this sector therefore, venous domestic and international aviations giants are seeing India as paradise for investment in the Aerospace technology and development.

To see the full article, please click on the following link, Investment opp 220611 for the PDF.

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It’s Here! The ILN Launches its New Site – ILNToday

Today’s the big day! The International Lawyers Network is unveiling our new content-driven website at We gave our member firms a sneak peek at last week’s 23rd Annual Conference, and this week we’re revealing it to you!

The redesigned site embodies the latest technology to best serve the growing needs of ILN members and their clients, and provides a variety of benefits, including:

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NSW Planning, Environment & Government Update

NSW Development Update

Significant amendments to Affordable Rental Housing SEPP (and changes to Part 3A approval processes)

By Anthony Whealy and Isabella Ferguson of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

Hot off the heels of the heavily attended PIA and Gadens seminar last night, we now provide (as promised) an outline and analysis of the key changes announced on 20 May 2011 to the State Environmental Planning Policy for Affordable Rental Housing (AH SEPP) read more


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