Le droit de gérance légitime versus le harcèlement psychologique au travail

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Faire la différence entre le droit de gérance de l’employeur et le harcèlement psychologique ressenti par un employé peut être difficile. Le principe du harcèlement psychologique au travail est souvent galvaudé et utilisé à toutes sauces. Les désaccords ou conflits entre collègues ou avec un supérieur ne constituent pas, dans tous les cas, du harcèlement psychologique au travail au sens de la loi.

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Video: Remote and Hybrid Work Policies, COVID-19 Positivity, NLRB/FTC Team Up on Non-Competes – Employment Law This Week

As featured in #WorkforceWednesdayThis week, we look at the business, legal, and tax implications of making decisions on a trend that’s here to stay: remote work.

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Unpacking Averages: Assessing Whether FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation Is Helpful

You might be thinking, that’s an odd title: obviously FDA’s breakthrough device designation is helpful.  However, after looking at the data, my conclusion is that I would avoid the breakthrough device designation for any product that qualifies for the 510(k) process.  The process is likely not helpful for such devices.

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Healthcare Noncompete Laws Get a Checkup in Four States and the District of Columbia

As readers of this blog likely know, many states have entirely different statutory schemes for noncompetes in the healthcare industry. Indeed, while 47 states generally permit noncompetes, more than a dozen expressly prohibit or limit them in certain sectors of the healthcare industry – typically for patient-facing clinicians.

For example, in Massachusetts, noncompetes are not permissible in “[a]ny contract or agreement which creates or establishes the terms of a partnership, employment, or any other form of professional relationship with a physician registered to practice medicine . . . , which includes any restriction of the right of such physician to practice medicine in any geographic area for any period of time after the termination of such partnership, employment or professional relationship.” The same restriction applies to Massachusetts nurses, psychologists, and social workers.

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Newsletter – June 2022


In terms of legislation, the month of June was marked by the publication of Law no. 12/2022, of June 27, which approved the State budget for 2022. 

On the legislative front, the following should also be highlighted:  

  1. Ordinance no. 164-A/2022, of June 24, which reviewed and set the rates of tax on petroleum and energy products. 
  2. Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic no. 29/2022, of June 28, which approved the budget of the Assembly of the Republic for 2022.  
  3. Decree-Law no. 42/2022, of June 29, which establishes measures to support families and businesses in the context of the armed conflict in Ukraine.  Read more…
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Llinks Legal Alert – Labor & Employment Law (July 2022)

Welcome to read: “Llinks Legal Alert – Labor & Employment Law (July 2022)”.

Llinks Legal Alerts focus on cutting-edge labor law topics and brings you most updated legislation trend. Please stay tuned with us.  Read more…

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Francis Gioia Joins Our Business Law Group

RSS is pleased to announce that Francis Gioia, who was just called to the Bar, is joining the firm’s Business Law Group.

Geneviève Goulet, who was supervising Francis when he was articling, is happy to be able to count on this new colleague. “From day one of our collaboration, Francis made an excellent impression on me. Of course, he possesses excellent legal skills; but throughout his articling, he impressed me most with his curiosity and his dedication to get to the bottom of things when asked a question. It will be a delight to have him on our team.”

L’article Francis Gioia Joins Our Business Law Group est apparu en premier sur RSS – Robinson Sheppard Shapiro.

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Torres Talks Trade Podcast Episode 8 on Worker-Centered Trade

The debate between free trade and protectionism is alive and well, and perhaps fiercer than ever, in the United States and abroad. In this week’s episode, host Olga Torres sits down with Steve Charnovitz, professor at the George Washington Law School, to discuss the importance of a worker-centered trade policy, the WTO, the Treasury’s call for “friendshoring” of supply chains, and how the U.S. can promote workers’ rights at home and around the world.

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Podcast: Interoperability: Health Care’s Next Disruptor Is openEHR – Diagnosing Health Care

Featured on the Diagnosing Health Care Podcast:  How is openEHR transforming the way health data is managed and stored across Europe? Will it soon disrupt the U.S. marketplace?

In this episode of our special series on interoperability, hear from Alastair Allen, CTO of Better.

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Video: New COVID-19 Testing Guidance, NLRB Increases Use of Injunctive Relief, D.C. Amends Near-Universal Ban on Non-Competes – Employment Law This Week

As featured in #WorkforceWednesday:  This week, we update you on new COVID-19 guidance and union organizing and non-compete trends at the federal and local levels.

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