Building & Construction Update

Undocumented variations and the Home Building Act (NSW)
Clarity and a ray of hope for builders

By Robert Riddell and Bruce Hale of Gadens Lawyers, SydneyA decision handed down by the Court of Appeal on 23 June 2011 in Sydney Building Group v Edwards (Edwards’ Case) has provided clarity and a ray of hope for residential builders in NSW seeking payment for construction work not expressly set out in the building contract or a written variation order.  read more
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Corporate Risk & Insurance Update

Postponing the pre-litigation reforms

By Brianna Roach and Wendy Blacker of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

The NSW Government has released a media statement on 23 August 2011 announcing that it will postpone the introduction of recent legislation, which required parties to take reasonable steps to narrow or resolve the issues in dispute before commencing proceedings. read more


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Regulation & Compliance Update

Proposed disclosure regulation amendments

By Jon Denovan of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

The MFAA have discussed with Treasury the recently released regulations dealing with credit guides, quotes, and proposal disclosure documents.  As a result of these discussions, the MFAA are very confident that some amendments will be made prior to 1 October 2011 (the start date).  There are also some planned changes for Key Fact Sheets.

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Gadens Lawyers – Regulation & Compliance Update

Mortgagor identification commences in NSW

By Jon Denovan of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

From 1 November 2011, there will be new requirements in NSW for mortgagees to identify mortgagors and new rules for witnessing most Torrens Title dealings.  These are two new separate and distinct requirements.  read more…


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Gadens Lawyers – Life Sciences Update

Section 60A Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth):  the ‘new’/‘old’ paradox solved?

By Jessica Kinny and Wendy Blacker of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

A sponsor must apply to the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for a therapeutic good to be entered on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods before that good can be lawfully supplied in Australia.  When an application for the registration of a good is refused by the TGA, the sponsor can seek to have that decision reconsidered by the Minister for Health and Ageing (Minister) under s 60 of the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Cth) (the Act).  If the Minister upholds the decision to refuse registration, the sponsor can then seek a review on the merits[1] by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (Tribunal).  read more


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Lommen Abdo’s July/August News You Can Use

LA Law News Logo
Lommen Abdo’s July/August 2011 e-newsletter is fresh off the virtual presses with news about:
  • Client Wins Partnership Breakup Case in Wisconsin.
  • Court Awards Forensic Accounting to 876 Bondholders to Help Determine Amounts Wrongfully Diverted.
  • Bryan Feldhaus: An Up & Coming Rising Star!
  • Ken Abdo featured in article “An Entertaining Practice: Ken Abdo Rides With the Band.”
  • It’s Super Lawyer Time Again. Check out Lommen Abdo’s Super Lawyers and Rising Stars.
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Davis & Gilbert – Benefits & Compensation Alert


Benefits & Compensation Alert - August 2011

On July 24, 2011, New York’s Marriage Equality Act (the Act) became effective, making New York the sixth, and largest, state to permit same-sex marriage. The Act “formally recognizes otherwise-valid marriages without regard to whether the parties are the same or different sex” and provides that all married couples “be treated equally in all respects under the law.”

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Gadens Lawyers – Aged Care and Retirement Villages Update

Caring for older Australians – final report released by the Productivity Commission

By Arthur Koumoukelis and Jessica Smythe of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

On 8 August 2011, the Federal Government released the Productivity Commission’s final report on its investigation into the aged care system titled, ‘Caring for Older Australians’.

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Gadens Lawyers – Building & Construction Update

Legal professional privilege – are all pre-litigation investigations privileged?

By Robert St Clair of Gadens Lawyers, SydneyIt is a well known fact that prior to litigation commencing, parties should do all they can to get their ‘ducks in a row’.  It is often assumed that pre-litigation investigation reports are protected from disclosure down the track due to legal professional privilege.  read more


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Gadens Lawyers – nsw planning, environment & government update

Another Nail in the Coffin for the NSW Liquor Industry?
The Liquor Amendment (3 Strikes) Bill 2011: what it means for your licensed premises

By Christina Renner of Gadens Lawyers, Sydney

The assault on licensed premises has not ended with the change of government, with the introduction of the Liquor Amendment (3 Strikes) Bill 2011 (3 Strikes Bill) into New South Wales parliament on 22 June 2011 by the Minister for Tourism, Major Events, Hospitality and Racing, George Souris.  read more

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