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Traditionally, entrepreneurs seeking capital for their new venture—be it an operating enterprise or a more passive endeavor such as real estate investment—have had the option of choosing debt or equity financing. In today’s economic times, and in the wake of the financial troubles of the late 2000s, capital has been scarce due to tightened lending standards amongst banks and the decline of personal wealth amongst those in a position to invest. Read the article by Jeff O’Brien. More…

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Newslettter: legal news in Lithuania and Belarus

Our latest issue oflegal news in Lithuania and Belarus.

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HC Newsletter – Inside the Chamber December 2012

As we come to the close of 2012, we take time to reflect on the past year. A year that for most was extremely difficult. The continued depressed state of the economy, crime and the fear of crime in our beloved country and the many social ills that continue to plague our nation have caused us to wonder if things will get better! We remember those who have departed this earth and those who are ill, the homeless and persons who can’t find food to feed their families. We think about the unrest in other nations and indeed the recent massacre in Connecticut. Celebrating and rejoicing seem to be the furthest things from ones mind!! More…

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Lommen Abdo: News You Can Use: The 2012 “JOBS” Act

Lommen Abdo’s June/July 2012 e-newsletter is fresh off the virtual presses with news about:

  • Lommen Abdo’s new attorney, Karen Schlotthauer.
  • Lommen Abdo’s inclusion in the Tier 1 Rankings by U.S. News and World Report Best Law Firms.
  • The 2012 “JOBS” Act: Is “Crowdfunding” Right for Me?
  • Margie Bodas selected as a 2012 Industry Leader.

And there is a lot more news about Lommen Abdo and our clients. Click on the link above.  Please let us know if you have questions, if we may be of assistance in any way or if you have suggestions for future newsletters.  Enjoy!

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In this edition, read about:

  • Some of the RSS Business Law Practice Group’s recent noteworthy transactions and commercial litigation
  • Creation of the Robinson Sheppard Shapiro Endowment Funds at the Faculties of Law of McGill University and Université de Montréal
  • RSS News


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Davis & Gilbert’s Litigation Newsletter

In this issue, we report on some recent developments in the areas of commercial, employment, and intellectual property law. We also provide practical advice that may help you avoid costly litigation.

Bloggers May Not be Entitled to the “Reporter’s Privilege”  >>

Is There Tolling of Class Action Statutes of Repose? Only Time Will Tell  >>

Limits of Concepcion: Will Class Action Waivers be Upheld by the Lower Courts?  >>

NBA Player’s Broad Publicity Rights Claim Over a Reality TV Show “Rejected”  >>

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Labor & Employment Newsletter – Davis & Gilbert

The beginning of the year is always a good time for employers to review new laws and developments that may have an impact on their operations. In this issue, we report on a new National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) posting rule, as well as recent NLRB decisions concerning employee use of social media. We also summarize several new state employment laws.

New NLRB Posting Rule To Take Effect In April 2012  >>

NLRA Limits Employers’ Use Of Social Media In Actions Against Employees  >>

Recent Changes In Georgia And Texas Restrictive Covenant Law  >>

Quick Takes: New Laws You Should Know  >>

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Week of February 20, 2012 on ILNToday – A Roundup

Happy Friday all! I’m traveling in Europe, so you’re getting your weekly roundup of ILNToday content early this Friday! Without further ado, a top seven…

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News You Can Use: Handling IP assets in your estate plan

Lommen Abdo’s January/February 2012 e-newsletter is fresh off the virtual presses with news about:

New attorneys (Greg Perleberg and Jeff O’Brien) and new practice group leaders — check out what’s happening in Lommen Abdo’s business practice!

Lommen Abdo helps make child’s wish come true.

Sharing knowledge, experiences and business tips are keys to success of Lommen Abdo’s seminars, whether addressing closely held companies or entertainment issues.

Buying music to own — like physical records and CDs — is a disappearing concept. Learn what Ken Abdo has to say about the new music business.

And there is a lot more news about Lommen Abdo and our clients. Click on the link above. Please let us know if you have questions, if we may be of assistance in any way or if you have suggestions for future newsletters. Enjoy!

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1. Amendment to the Commercial Code

2. Amendment to the Labour Code

3. New legislation on Corporate criminal liability

4. Amendment to the Act on the Transformation of Companies and Cooperatives

5. Amendment to the Code of Administrative Justice

6. Increased fee for entries in the Land Register

7. Amendment to the Employment Act


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