ILN Membership Criteria

International Lawyers Network members meet the following criteria:

  • Firms should be independent practices, responsible for their own staffs and work products.
  • They should be mid-sized in their jurisdictions, with substantial partner involvement and oversight in client matters.
  • Members should be well-established within their local jurisdictions.
  • Firms should have broadly based commercial, corporate, business and litigation practices, with a focus on growing and developing new clients.
  • Members should have strong domestic focus and experience, coupled with significant expertise in international business matters, with English fluency.
  • Membership in the ILN is non-exclusive and participation in regional and practice-specific networks is encouraged.  However, it is preferred that members are not part of other international legal networks.
  • Firms must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to the operation and development of the International Lawyers Network, including, but not limited to, participation in Annual and Regional Meetings, timely payment of dues, prompt response to ILN requests and referrals from other firms, and participation in additional ILN activities.
  • Members must hold an appropriate level of liability insurance for their jurisdiction, to be reviewed by the Board of Directors.