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Who’s Who Legal Recognizes the Firm’s Lawyers

The international directory Who’s Who Legal recently announced its 2022 rating of outstanding lawyers. Some of our lawyers have been recognized:

RSS maintains its place among the elite of the legal profession.

L’article <em>Who’s Who Legal</em> Recognizes the Firm’s Lawyers est apparu en premier sur RSS – Robinson Sheppard Shapiro.

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RSS’s Insurance Law Group Welcomes Priscilla Simard

RSS is pleased to announce that Priscila Simard is joining the firm’s Insurance Law Group. Priscilla was called to the Bar last Friday, in a ceremony presided by our colleague Marcel-Olivier Nadeau, as vice-president of the Bar of Quebec.

Priscilla has been with RSS since 2019, first as a summer student before articling with us. While she was becoming a part of the firm, she completed her graduate degree in taxation, having written an essay that raised insurance and taxation issues.

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The Globe and Mail: RSS Remains a Front-runner Among Law Firms for the Insurance Industry

The Globe and Mail just published its second annual list of the best-rated law firms in the country. RSS is recognized for its insurance law practice.

The rating was based on research conducted by Statista from a survey that drew over 3,100 responses containing more than 10,000 recommendations. The process excluded self-recommendations and recommendations of one’s own firm.

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Application of Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act: New Rulings From the Court of Appeal

This paper was written under a partnership with the Montreal Association of Insurance Women.

Quebec’s Automobile Insurance Act, CQLR c A-25 [Act], is the object of abundant jurisprudence. The courts are frequently called upon to determine the field of application of the State regime, the object of which is to facilitate prompt compensation of the victim, but which is also sometimes raised by the third party responsible for a damage.

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RSS Named 2023 Firm of the Year for Family Law by Best Lawyers

RSS is proud to announce that it has been named 2023 Firm of the Year for Family Law by The Best Lawyers in CanadaTM. Since its inception over 40 years ago, our Family Law Group, comprised of specialists, has been present and active with sophisticated clients looking for legal advice in complex situations raising economic and human issues.

The scope of services that we offer and the skills of the team make our group a leader in Quebec. Find out more about our services and the group’s members

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RSS Welcomes Xavier Morand Bock

RSS is pleased to announce that Xavier Morand Bock, a lawyer in our Civil and Commercial Litigation Group, is back with the team.

After having practiced with us for a few years, Xavier had left the firm to take on a challenge with a Montréal corporate group in the entertainment industry. Jean-Pierre Sheppard, head of the Civil and Commercial Litigation Group, is delighted with Xavier’s return. “We are pleased to see a colleague, a friend, and a gifted litigator coming back after gaining a wealth of practical experience in the business community. This experience will surely be put to good use for the benefit of our clients.”

L’article RSS Welcomes Xavier Morand Bock est apparu en premier sur RSS – Robinson Sheppard Shapiro.

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A Paradigm Shift in the Protection and Representation of Persons in Vulnerable Situations

Today, on Tuesday, November 1, 2022, the Act to amend the Civil Code, the Code of Civil Procedure, the Public Curator Act and various provisions as regards the protection of persons, Bill 18, SQ 2020, c 11, will enter into force. The Quebec legislature and the Public Curator have hailed the Act as a much needed “paradigm shift” in the protection and representation of vulnerable persons.

The main features of the Act, which was adopted in June 2020, are well known: in addition to important procedural changes relating to the implementation of regimes of protective supervision, which are of concern primary to legal practitioners, the public should be cognizant of critical developments in the representation of minors and incapable adults.

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Claims for Latent Defects: Limits to the Pre-Purchase Inspection Obligation and to the Amounts That Can Be Awarded in the Event of Liability

The recent decision in Nguyen c. Succession de Durand, 2022 QCCS 3224 provides a useful illustration of the legal principles which apply in the event of a claim for damages for latent defects. The Superior Court reiterated that a buyer’s obligation to inspect a residence prior to purchase is limited in scope and that the damages which may be claimed with respect to the reduction of the sale price must be reasonable and determined according to the specific circumstances of each case

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RSS Welcomes Mathieu Boily in Its Insurance Law Group

RSS is proud to announce that Mathieu Boily is joining today the team of litigators in the firm’s Insurance Law Group. Mathieu already has three years experience before ethe courts in various cases related to insurance.

Mariella De Stefano, the Group’s Co-Chair, is pleased with this recruit. “Mathieu comes to us from the legal department of an insurance company. Since we represent numerous such companies, we will appreciate the input of someone who developed an insider’s view of the operations of an insurer.”

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Enforcement in Quebec of Foreign Judgments: Restraint Is in Order With Abusive Clauses

Quebec law allows for the recognition and enforcement of judgments rendered by foreign courts. Although these decisions are rendered according to foreign laws, can or must Quebec courts take into consideration the Quebec and Canadian public order principles in deciding whether to recognize such judgments?

In Awanda c. AMBC Ventures Inc., 2022 QCCA 1133, the Court of Appeal had the opportunity to answer this question.

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