Covid-19 in Latvia: The latest regulation provides for idle time benefits and tax holidays up to 3 years for all companies with 30% or in certain cases 20% drop in turnover, regardless of industry

On 26 March 2020, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted criteria and procedures for receiving idle time benefits and maturity breakdown of tax payments or a deferral of up to three years for any company affected by Covid-19 crisis.

Rights to receive crisis benefits and tax holidays

The criteria for employers and tax payers affected by Covid-19, to receive idle time benefit and tax holidays up to three years are as follows:

1. turnover has decreased by at least 30% (compared to March or April 2019); or
2. turnover in March or April 2020 (compared to March or April 2019) has decreased by at least 20% and the company meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • the company’s exports amount to 10% of its total turnover in 2019 or at least EUR 500,000;
  •  the average monthly gross salary paid by the company in 2019 was at least EUR 800;
  • long-term investments in fixed assets as at 31 December 2019 were at least EUR 500,000.
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TGS Baltic offers up-to-date information on the availability of Covid-19 crisis mitigation measures and the newest regulatory changes.


In accordance with Cabinet Order No. 119 of 24 March 2020, which amends Cabinet Order No. 103 On the Declaration of Emergency Situation of 12 March 2020, new restrictions take place:

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Under the conditions of coronavirus spread, the week from March 30 in Russia is declared as a non-working one with the preservation of salaries

The recent Decree of the Russian President (“Decree”)1 establishes non-working days for the week from March 30 to April 3, 2020, to ensure the sanitary and epidemiological well-being of the population on the Russian territory, with the preservation of salaries for employees. This requirement does not apply to employees of the following organizations:

  • continuously operating organizations;
  • medical and pharmacy organizations;
  • organizations that provide the population with food and goods of prime necessity;
  • organizations that perform urgent work in emergencies, in other cases that endanger the life or normal living conditions of the population;
  • organizations that perform urgent repair and handling operations.
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Verohallinnon tukitoimet yrityksille koronaviruksen johdosta

Viime päivinä olemme saaneet mielenkiinnolla, osin jopa pelolla, seurata mitä seuraavaksi perutaan. Perutuiksi ovat joutuneet niin jääkiekon MM-kisat, normaalit koulupäivät, erilaiset musiikki-, urheilu- ja koulutustapahtumat, jopa Euroviisut on peruttu. Vanha sanonta verojen maksamisesta pitää kuitenkin edelleen paikkansa eikä tulojen ilmoitusvelvollisuutta, saati verojen maksuvelvollisuutta, ole peruttu. Verot on siis maksettava, pandemiasta ja valmiuslain toimivaltasäännösten käyttöönotosta huolimatta. Verohallinto tiedottaa verkkosivuillaan selkeästi, että ” Koronan aiheuttamien vaikeuksien vuoksi veroja ei voi jättää maksamatta eikä veron määrään, eräpäiviin, viivästyskorkoihin tai muuhun maksamiseen ole tullut muutoksia”. Read more…

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Digitale besluitvorming in tijden van corona rechtsgeldig?

Even Skypen of Facetimen in plaats van vergaderen. De laatste weken doen we niet anders. Maar hoe zit het eigenlijk met de rechtsgeldigheid van besluiten die in zo’n digitale vergadering worden genomen? Zijn die net zo geldig als besluiten tijdens een ‘echte’ vergadering? Read more…

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COVID-19: Butikker skal holde lukket – men hvem bærer risikoen?

For at begrænse udbredelsen af COVID-19 præsenterede regeringen i sidste uge flere tiltag, der bl.a. indebærer, at en lang række butikker, forretninger og centre skal lukke. Det gælder f.eks. shoppingcentre, barer, restauranter og andre butikker og alle steder, hvor mennesker kommer i tæt kontakt med hinanden. Det er således en væsentlig del af erhvervslejemål i Danmark, som bliver berørt af indgrebene – men er det udlejer eller lejer, der bærer risikoen for regeringens indgreb? Og hvad betyder indgrebet for lejers og udlejers kontraktmæssige stilling? Bliv klogere på lovgivningen her. Read more…

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Measures in Latvia to support sectors that have suffered crisis costs due to spread of COVID-19

Today the legislator of Latvia has adopted a special temporary law on measures to prevent and manage state threats and consequences of the spread of COVID-19.

The law provides for the following measures:

General: The Cabinet of Ministers shall determine sectors that have suffered crisis costs (sectors affected by the crisis) due to the spread of COVID-19 and that are therefore subject to measures and special support mechanisms, as well as to set criteria, how to determine those who shall receive the same special support in other sectors;

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Overview of changes in the international coronavirus pandemic. Сontinued

While the threat of COVID-19 spread is not on the decline, the Russian Government continues to update the measures taken or introduce new ones, trying to act ahead of the possible adverse consequences of COVID-19.

Further review of the most significant business support measures under the conditions of COVID-19, as well as actions taken to curb the spread of COVID-19, follows below.

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Revenue and Irish Banks move to reassure and support customers during COVID-19 crisis

We are living in a time of crisis in a constantly evolving situation which is causing hardship and distress for many SMEs and self-employed contractors. This stress is compounded by financial hardship imposed by the current isolation and social distancing Covid-19 restrictions and their immediate and dramatic effect on businesses.

Revenue are closely monitoring the situation. and On 12th March the Revenue Commissioners implemented certain measures in order to alleviate the situation and to assist small and medium enterprise businesses experiencing cashflow and trading difficulties arising from the impacts of the Covid-19 virus.

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COVID-19: Fremrykning af offentlige investeringer og forudbetaling på offentlige kontrakter

Blandt tiltagene, der skal få Danmark bedst gennem Corona-krisen, præsenterede Regeringen og folketingets øvrige partier den 19. marts 2020 fremrykning af offentlige investeringer samt muligheden for forudbetaling på offentlige kontrakter. Dette skal medvirke til at holde hånden under danske virksomheder under Corona-krisen.

Det er næppe set før i historien, at offentlige myndigheder i forbindelse med indgåelse af offentlige kontrakter nu får mulighed for at forudbetale ydelser fra leverandører – og det helt op til 1 mio. kr. Read more…

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