News regarding Covid-19 regulations in Latvia

The Cabinet of Ministers has decided that starting from October 21 to November 15, particularly strict Covid-19 restrictions will come into force in Latvia.

This newsletter has been prepared as a brief overview of the current amendments and should not be regarded as an all-embracing analysis of the amendments. 


Starting from 21 October 2021 to 15 November 2021, it is prohibited to leave the place of residence from 20.00 to 5:00, the prohibition does not apply to:

  • persons going to or from the place of work or persons who are performing work or service duties – the person shall present a certification (name, surname, personal identification code, address of residence, reason and time for leaving the place of residence, the place of work, name, address and telephone number of the management of the place of work (contact person in the place of work)) and an ID (passport or ID card);
  • persons who need to receive psychological support, medical treatment, including vaccination against Covid-19 infection, or veterinary care for animals, or persons who visit a 24-hour pharmacy – the person shall present a certification (name, surname, personal identification code, address of residence, reason and time for leaving the place of residence, the place of service to be received) and an ID (passport or ID card);
  • to persons who need to get to or from the airport, port, railway station or bus station – the person shall present a certification (name, surname, personal identification code, address of residence, reason and time for leaving the place of residence, the place of service to be received) and an ID (passport or ID card).

From 21 October 2021 to 15 November 2021:

    • Places of sale and service provision places opens no earlier than at 6.00 and ends no later than at 19.00;
    • The working hours of petrol stations, pharmacies, tourist accommodation places, Covid-19 vaccination points, public transport and passenger transport services, freight transport and related services, delivery services, emergency and utilities services, will not be restricted.
    • stores, where 70% of the product range is food or hygiene products, pharmacies, optician’s shops, gas stations, animal feed stores, press shops, bookstores, telecommunication goods and services shops, flower shops are allowed to work on-site;
    • all public events are cancelled and prohibited;
    • related to entertainment, gambling, betting, attractions, beauty care, wellness, active recreation, physical activities, sports, tourism (except accommodation and foreign travel), photo and video services, face-to-face consultations, collective is prohibited to provide on-site services.
  • Work duties, if allowed by the specific nature of the work, shall be carried out remotelyOn-site work is performed by employees employed in sectors of critical importance to the public or employees for whom the employer has determined during the impact assessment that the work must be performed on-site.
  • Those employees who require a vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery to perform work dutiesbut have not completed the vaccination course, from October 20, 2021 until the receipt of the vaccination certificate, may perform work duties – with a test certificate issued no earlier than 72 hours or not earlier than 72 hours before an employer-organized screening antigen test in areas where testing services are not available (e.g., in rural areas).
  • Employees who will perform on-site work after 15 November 2021 shall have a vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery, in some cases a testing certificate is also allowed.
  • All employees working on-site (including fully vaccinated and persons recovered) shall certify in writing on a daily basis at the place of work that they have no symptoms of acute respiratory diseases and have not been in direct contact with persons subject to isolation, home quarantine or self-isolation;
  • From 15 December 2021, all employees, including volunteers and outsourced persons working on-siteshall have a valid vaccination certificate or certificate of recovery.
Commercial activities
  • It is planned that on October 26, 2021, the Cabinet of Ministers will decide on aids for companies to overcome the Covid-19 crisis, in particular working capital grants and salary subsidies.
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The pandemic caused by the disease COVID-19 brought with it social and economic consequences that required the adoption of a panoply of exceptional measures. To prevent the coming economic crisis, stabilisation measures were created, which were presented in the Ministers’ Resolution no. 41/2020 of June 6, including the Economic and Social Stabilisation Programme. To this end, on November 27, Law no. 75/2020 was published in order approve the Extraordinary Company Viability Process, of an exceptional and temporary nature, which can be used by any company that, not having a Special Revitalisation Process pending, is in a difficult economic situation or in a situation of imminent or current insolvency caused by COVID-19 disease and demonstrates that it is still susceptible to viability. Read more…

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Α financial “breath” for the film industry

A Common Ministerial Decision (Ν. 24907/2021 – Government Gazette – B’ 1820 / 29.04.2021) has been issued recently in Greece according to which a total amount of 8,000,000 euros will be granted as a support measure for cinemas and film distributors that have been affected by the restrictive measures due to Covid-19 pandemic, as part of the initiatives taken for the support of the sector of culture who has suffered particularly badly. According to members of the Government, this program is part of a general plan of initiatives for the practical support of the sector of culture, with both horizontal and specialized measures.

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14 Practices, 13 Lawyers and "Lawyer of the Year" Award – Lidings Recognized by Best Lawyers 2022

Best Lawyers, an international legal directory annually identifying the most prominent lawyers around the world by analyzing their professional skills and achievements during the year, once again lists Lidings’ experts among the best lawyers in Russia. Based on the results of the new Best Lawyers 2022 research published on June 10th, 2021, 13 Lidings’ lawyers are recognized among the top legal advisors in 14 key practice areas in Russia:

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Lidings Wins Trademark Battle for “Miloserdie” Aid Service

Lawyers of the Lidings Intellectual Property practice have successfully represented interests of the Russian “Miloserdie” (eng.:Mercy) aid service in a trademark protection case. The work was done pro bono.

An entrepreneur used a trademark similar to the trademark of our client – the “Miloserdie”. The client, whose logo was registered a year earlier, for six months tried to settle the issue out of court, pointing out to the entrepreneur that it was inadmissible to copy the logo. However, did not achieve an understanding and had to go to court.

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Due to the evolution of the epidemiological situation in Portugal, in the context of the pandemic caused by COVID-19 disease, the Government decided to adopt a set of measures, through the creation of support mechanisms for workers and companies, as a result of the economic and social effects emerging from the worsening of the pandemic situation in Portugal, as well as to extend a set of extraordinary and temporary support measures to mitigate the effects of the pandemic crisis. Read more…

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Lidings Advocates Reverse Wrongful Judgments in Supreme Court, Protecting Independent Creditors

During a lengthy five-year bankruptcy of the pharmaceutical distributor Grama LLC, the bankruptcy manager challenged transactions with suppliers – large international pharmaceutical companies. Worst-hit was AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals obliged to return the bankrupt distributor 266 million rubles. Lidings represents the company since 2019.

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As result of the pandemic situation caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus and COVID-19 disease, it was approved exceptional and temporary measures in Justice sector.

In the present Article, we proceed with a brief analysis about the temporary and exceptional legal regime of the suspension of judicial deadlines, since Law no. 1-A/2020, of March 19, until the most recent legal publication, Law no. 4-B/2021, of February 1.

Keywords: Covid-19, Suspension of Deadlines, Justice, Courts, Exceptional and Temporary measures. Read more…

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Lidings Continues to Take High Positions in Chambers and Partners Europe

March 18th 2021 Chambers and Partners Europe has announced the results of its annual research of the leading legal advisors. Lidings is traditionally highly recommended for Dispute Resolution, Corporate and M&A and Life Sciences advice in Russia.  The Firm’s Intellectual Property practice has also entered the ranking this year.

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Kommersant-2021: Lidings Strengthens its Position as Leading Legal Advisor in Russia in Key Practice Areas

Lidings demonstrates new achievements and takes advanced positions in the rating of the leading legal advisors in Russia based on the analytical research held annually by the “Kommersant” newspaper. Results of the new research published in a special supplement to Kommersant as of March 17, 2021.

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