Benefits of ILN Membership

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    • The ILN offers wide coverage in major commercial centers around the world, so wherever your clients’ needs are, you have confidence that the ILN member firm will deliver the same level of service that you do.
    • Your ILN relationships go beyond each individual file – these relationships ensure that your files are handled by a firm that will treat your clients the way that you treat your clients.
    • Membership enables our firms’ clients to have quick access to the local knowledge of law firms in foreign jurisdictions without the expense of opening and maintaining an office in other countries.
    • The ILN offers its members a smoother delivery of your services to your clients because each of our firms is vetted to ensure they are of the highest quality.
    • The relationships among our member firms allow for the exchange of business opportunities for the benefit of you and your clients.
    • The International Lawyers Network is a powerful marketing tool – from enhancing the visibility of our members through our electronic newsletters and social media outlets to recommendations and referrals by firms that believe in your expertise, our members are consistently in the spotlight for existing and prospective clients.
    • The ILN Administration works hand-in-hand with each of our members to ensure that they are able to make the most out of their ILN membership, from addressing individual concerns and supporting firm efforts to assisting members in collaborating with each other.
    • The ILN Administration uses new technologies to raise the profile of the ILN and its members – Social networking through Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, increased member contact and education through ILN-hosted webinars, and the ILN blog “Zen and the Art of Legal Networking,” aid in increased exposure for member firms and the ILN.

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