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About Dong-Hwan Kim of Lee International IP & Law Group

Mr. Dong Hwan Kim is a Korean lawyer at Lee Intentional IP & Law Group and a member of the firm’s Litigation Team. Mr. Kim has served as lead counsel to both foreign and domestic corporations in large-scale litigation and consultation matters. Mr. Kim has litigated diverse civil, criminal and corporate cases representing a wide range of clients including major domestic and foreign companies and high profile persons. Mr. Kim has also represented clients in connection with IP licensing and transactional matters and served as counsel on behalf of the top Korean entertainers, broadcasters, and entertainment agencies. Mr. Kim attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School LL.M. program, an in-service training program of Lee International IP & Law Group, to learn more about different legal systems and to study various legal issues. After graduation, he spent one year at the McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP San Diego office, working on litigation cases.

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