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Giorgio Cherubini authors The New Debt Restructuring Agreements

The book is a commentary on the provisions concerning the restructuring agreements, which have been repeatedly and recently amended in the system of insolvency proceedings; the regulatory path is analysed with the new framework complementing the previous system, which is still in force for the procedures already pending.

The book is addressed to practitioners  (magistrates, lawyers, accountants, advisors and managers) who operate in the field of insolvency proceedings and answers the need to verify, also in light of the changes introduced by the Business Crisis and Insolvency Code and, most recently, by Law Decree 118/2021, converted into Law October 21, 2021 no. 147, the operability of the provisions.

The narrative part, also containing the changes made to the provisions during the years that accompanied the amendments to the restructuring agreements, is flanked by summary tables; the last section of the book contains a series of forms of the most frequent applications of restructuring agreements in the court.

Finally, there is a normative appendix.

Therefore, for both legal practitioners and scholars of the subject matter, in view of the broad structure of the work, there is the possibility of deepening from the legal and corporate perspective on a multifaceted subject. See the cover and additional information here.