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3 legal documents every 18-year-old needs to have

As 18-year-olds across the country prepare to take their first steps into adult life – whether attending college, university, vocational training program, entering the workforce, or taking a gap year – parents of those now-adult-children should be aware there are important legal documents that should be in place to ensure they can continue to be there for their child if needed.

At 18, your child has reached the age of majority and many parents are surprised to learn they can no longer act on their child’s behalf to assist in medical or financial decisions. Should there be an accident or an illness that requires hospitalization, a parent could be shut out from knowing what is happening due to HIPAA laws and would be unable to make healthcare decisions for their child. Parents could also be frustrated to learn they can no longer contribute money into their child’s account without all of the appropriate account numbers, and that they cannot make a financial decision to assist their child. Read more…