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The Pharma Legal Handbook Baltics

The Pharma Legal Handbook Baltics >> https://bit.ly/324EJz2 >> a comprehensive guide to the legal framework regulating the pharmaceutical sector and related industries! The Handbook is a valuable tool for pharma companies and practitioners operating in the pharmaceutical business to stay in compliance with the various regulations applicable to the industry:

  • Answers to the most critical questions about this environment for pharmaceuticals in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania;
  • It is a must-have for any company operating in the country or seeking to enter the market.

The TGS Baltic team Dalia Tamašauskaitė-Žiliene, Sander Kärson, Ingeri Luik-Tamme, Andra Rubene, Audronė Ežerskė, Rokas Kazakevičius and Zane Skļamina have prepared a detailed article presenting: regulation, pricing, clinical and preclinical trials, marketing, manufacturing, trademarks, patents, and more!The Pharma Legal Handbook is an essential guide to the legal and regulatory environment for pharmaceutical companies worldwide.