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The Coming PIPL: Have you prepared?

Tomorrow, 1 November 2021, the Personal Information Protection Law (“PIPL”) will come into effect. This would be the first piece of comprehensive legislation on personal information protection. Since tomorrow, all kinds of personal information, electronic or paper-based data, employee data, consumer data or otherwise, will be subject to the same personal data protection rules and breach of these rules will result in civil, administrative and even criminal liabilities.

PIPL is not drafted from scratch. Rather, it reflects the personal information practice since the effectiveness of the Cyber Security Law in 2017. It also addresses a number of issues in the personal information protection regime which have long been controversial. It is determined to be milestone legislation on personal information protections.

Tomorrow, those business operators which handle personal information during their course of business are facing stricter rules on personal information protections. Have you prepared for such stricter rules? Read more…