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Protecting your IP: Social media dos and don’ts

Social media continues to offer an invaluable platform for brands to engage and expand their customer base. In these times, consumers are using social media more and more—particularly on their mobile devices—to stay informed, explore new products, and shop.

This rapt audience allows brands to provide authentic and of-the-moment communications to their customers, develop brand ethos and drive sales. But, even with all the benefits of social media, just one misstep on intellectual property can have significant repercussions.

In today’s competitive marketplace, a strong intellectual property strategy—including one or more among patent, trademark, trade secret and/or copyright protection—can lay an important foundation for not only maintaining critical market share, but also generating corporate value in the near and long term.

Here are a few tips for how to properly and safely use — or not use — intellectual property on social media to avoid derailing these goals. Read more…