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Fladgate survey reveals 35% of SMEs out of business within a year – but there is a solution

Presenting our Restart Capital campaign and survey results – private investment is the answer

We are delighted to present to you the results of our Restart Capital survey. The survey of over 500 SMEs and 100 investors confirmed to us some brutal realities.

We expected SMEs to confirm difficulties but we did not think that 35% of SMEs would expect to be out of business within the next 12 months.

However, it also confirmed what we saw as the solution. We expected investors to feel robust but were pleasantly surprised that 95% had not seen a significant drop in overall assets. And matching the money to the business? Both SMEs and investors liked all of our 16 ideas for government policy changes designed to help the flow of funds.

Download our Restart Capital report now.

So where do we go from here? 

Clearly, we stand at the beginning of a brutal economic crisis of truly historic proportions. Many businesses will fail and employees will lose their jobs. Economic, social and quality of life issues loom.

We recognise that much of this pain may be unavoidable, but there are grounds for hope.

There is a lot more that government and the business community can do to ease the pain. Investors have capital which they are willing to invest in the SME space.

We believe that this is the time to break through the barriers inhibiting private investment in distressed businesses to help rebuild our business community.

Join the debate

Fladgate have launched our Restart Capital initiative to spearhead our support for private investment into distressed businesses.

We would love to hear your views and experiences, so please get in touch with Jeremy Whiteson, Graham Spitz, Jamie Hamilton, or your usual Fladgate contact.

Download our Restart Capital report now.