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An Insurer Successfully Raises the Damage to Property Rented Exclusion

By Patricia Baram, from our Insurance Law Practice Group

In a judgment rendered on February 10, 2020, Loue Froid inc. c. Ville de Longueuil, 2020 QCCS 447, the Superior Court dismisses the City of Longueuil’s demand [the “City”] that Compagnie d’assurance AIG du Canada [the “insurer”] take up its defence against a legal action instituted by Plaintiff Loue Froid Inc. [“Loue Froid”].

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NLRB Finalizes Three Amendments to Election Procedures, Continuing Rulemaking Agenda

On the heels of guidance regarding when the duty to bargain may be suspended or modified during the COVID-19 pandemic, the National Labor Relations Board (“NLRB” or “Board”) finalized rulemaking today that changes three aspects of the Board’s representation election procedures (“Final Rule”).

The Final Rule overhauls the handling of unfair labor practice charges commonly referred to as “blocking charges” when a petition for an election is pending, revamps the Board’s voluntary recognition bar doctrine, and changes the evidentiary requirements for barring elections in the construction industry when an employer has voluntarily recognized or entered into a collective bargaining agreement (“CBA”) with a union.  Originally proposed on August 12, 2019, the Final Rule is scheduled to be published on April 1, 2020, eight days after the Board announced it would be delaying implementation of broader changes to other representation case procedures.

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Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Act came into force on March 25, 2020. Perhaps overlooked amongst emergency relief, health care and financial effects is Part 12 of the Act which makes changes to the Patent Act.

Why should the general public care about this? I’m glad you asked.

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