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Covid-19 in Latvia: State of Emergency extended until 12 May 2020 and other updates

Covid-19 in Latvia: At the meeting of April 7, the Cabinet of Ministers extended the State of Emergency until May 12, 2020. In turn, at an extraordinary session on April 3, the Parliament of Latvia adopted several amendments to the regulatory enactments due to the spread of Covid-19.

Powers of the Cabinet of Ministers have been extended

  • Right to extend the state of emergency more than once.

Measures for prevention of Covid-19 hazard and elimination of consequences have been updated

  • The limitation period for liability rights has been suspended and the amount of default interest has been limited;
  • Members of associations and cooperative companies may participate and vote at general meetings remotely;
  • Measures of insolvency proceedings can be carried out remotely;
  • The deadlines for measures of the legal protection proceedings have been extended;

Changes in the activities of the State institutions during the emergency situation related to the spread of Covid-19

  • Submissions to institutions shall be made in writingprocedural deadlines shall be extended.

Changes in legal proceedings

  • Oral court hearings in courts are held in cases related to significant violation of personal rights and objective urgency;
  • Civil cases are heard by the court in written proceedings, if it is possible to ensure the observance of the procedural rights of the participants in the case;
  • Criminal cases subject to the appellate procedure may also be adjudicated in written proceedings in cases not mentioned in the Criminal Procedure Law, unless the prosecutor or a person whose interests and rights are infringed by the complaint or protest objects thereto;
  • After termination of the emergency situation, the court shall ensure the extraordinary hearing of the cases, the adjudication whereof was postponed or adjourned in relation to the emergency situation.

Penalties for violating the restrictions imposed during the emergency situation have been increased

  • Penalty for violation of the requirements of epidemiological safety, as well as for violation of restrictions or prohibitions established during an emergency situation has been increased
  • Administrative responsibility shall be imposed on a person, who does not provide information that he or she is suffering from an infectious disease;
  • Administrative liability has been established for violation of the requirements for receipt of the idle time benefit.

Restrictions related to the spread of Covid-19 have been added

  • A merchant, whose employees arrive in Latvia after work abroad, is obliged to transport them to their place of residence;
  • Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) shall provide support to merchants, whose employees need to return, leave or come Latvia.

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